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The Conference will provide an opportunity to commercial and industrial partners to exhibit and highlight their products/services to attendees, scientists, students and early career engineers. Researchers and engineers can connect with leading Indian and global Composites-based manufacturing companies as they showcase the newest products and the latest technologies. Your support allows organizers and members to continue their efforts in knowledge sharing and skill development across all engineering disciplines.            

Industries, R&D organisations and Professional bodies are requested to sponsor the Conference “APC 2024”. Organizing committee will arrange proper publicity of the contributors during the conference. The Conference Proceedings with abstracts and advertisement will be released.

Advertisement Tariff 

Back side outer cover page : ₹25,000/- INR
Front side inner cover page : ₹20,000/- INR
Back side inner cover page : ₹15,000/- INR
Advertisement full page : ₹10,000/- INR
Advertisement half page : ₹5,000/- INR.